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Florida Contractor State License Exam Preparation Recommendations

" As you suggested I took the contractors exam review course and sat for the Florida Department 
of Professional Regulation's General Contractors Exam and the August 4, 1990 test results 
indicated I passed all three sections. I thank you for the instruction you afforded me. I do not 
believe I would have passed on my first attempt without your support."   
- William Boyd, Boyd Construction, Bradenton, FL   GC Enrollee in KCC Contractors' License 
Exam Preparation Course

" The boys in Owensboro and Lexington certainly appreciated your giving a training class in 
estimating. They said what a good job you did!" 
- Paul R. Bridges, Sr. V.P., Mellon-Stuart Company, Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon-Stuart Company is 
now Michael Baker Corp., Pittsburgh, PA.)

" I am five days from taking my residential contractor's exam. I feel that I'm as prepared as I 
possibly could be since completing your schooling. Thank you's and dollars spent cannot 
outweigh my sincere appreciation. Please have anyone planning to take your course call me 
as a reference."      
 - Mike Diffenderffer,  Diffenderffer Carpentry, RC Enrollee in KCC Contractors Exam Course, 

" I learned just what I needed to pass my State RC Exam. Not only was I prepared to pass the 
test, I passed it on the first shot. Your course was very professionally oriented, yet very 
comfortable. You and your course will remain highly regarded and highly recommended by me." 
- Jeff Blevins, Blevins Quality Homes & Remodeling, North Port, FL RC Enrollee in KCC 
Contractors' License Exam Preparation Course

I'm very happy to report that I passed all three sections of my state residential contractor's 
license exam ( June 1993 ) the first time taking it! Thank you for your fine instruction, problem 
solving techniques,...." 
- Frank Fazioli, Power Drywall, Palmetto, FL  RC Enrollee in KCC Contractors' License Exam Preparation Course

" I passed! Thank you for the estimating video tapes and test question workbook use during 
Christmas week which surely helped me to pass the BC exam in addition to God's help through 
prayer! Please use this brief letter as an expression of my thanks and also as my recommendation 
to other license candidates to take your license exam training course."       
- Brian Pruett, Pruett Builders, Inc., Sarasota, BC Enrollee in KCC Contractors' License Exam Preparation Course

" Thanks Eric for your encouragement, help, strategies and methods and your     KCC Contractor's License Exam Preparation Course which helped me pass my Florida state certified building 
contractor (BC) exam the first time with scores of 76.20 business and finance, 87.50 contract administration and 87.50 project management! Thanks be to God!" 
- Darryl Denson, Owner, Darryl Denson installations & Home Improvement North Port, BC 
Enrollee in KCC Contractors License Exam Prep. Course

" I wanted you to know how happy I am to be able to write this letter. Your guidance throughout 
the Contractors Course in preparation of taking the state exam (Building Contractor) was very 
helpful. Not only did I pass the first time, I received what I thought to be a good score on each 
section. By taking your course, I was able to go into the exam relaxed and confident. Thank 
you for assisting me in being successful the first time." 
- Bill Truex, Owner, Tropical Bay Builders Inc., Rotunda, FL, BC Enrollee in KCC Contractors' 
License Exam Preparation Course

" ...after looking at several other courses, I am pleased with my decision of enrolling in your course. 
I really appreciate the organization, professionalism and the personalized instructor's attention I received. I think the small number of students per class is one the key elements to its success. 
What an experience, I am so glad that is over. I passed my State Certified Building Contractors 
Exam on my first try with scores of 88.75% (Bus.  Admin.), 95.0% (Contract Admin.) and 95.0% (Project Mgmt.). I could not have done it without your course. All your methods, strategies, test 
tips and information were right on the money. Eric, you asked if I had any suggestions and to 
be honest I wouldn't change a thing. I don't know how you could prepare someone for that test 
any better than you are already doing now. If any future enrollees have their doubts about your 
course, feel free to give them my number (941-729-1098). Thank-you very much for your friendship 
and your help." 
- Randy Holbrook, V.P., C R Holbrook Construction Inc., Bradenton, FL BC Enrollee in KCC Contractors' License Exam Preparation Course

"I finally passed (the first time with KCC) my Sarasota county building  contractor license 
examination on 3/13/99 with an 83 score due to your good  training, especially in the estimating-
plan reading area. I only achieved a  70 score with your competitor school on Cattlemen Road. 
Thanks Eric, for  getting me through!" -Al Curtis, Owner, Curtis Construction Inc., Sarasota, FL 
BC Enrollee in KCC Contractors' License Exam Preparation Course

"Thank you for affording me the opportunity to score so well on my (Builder)  Contractors' Exam 
(on 4/27-28/99) the FIRST TIME (scores ranged from 90.0  to 91.5). I must say when I showed up 
and found everybody with book tabs I  felt like you forgot something, instead I found myself using 
your "KEYWORD  System" and I was able to find everything, while others using tabs could  not 
find many answers, because they were not tabbed (chapter headings may  only be tabbed). I also 
found your pretest to be exactly right on with the  actual test. I found that with utilizing your system I was would have had  enough time to do the entire test twice! this was a result of using all  your tips! 
All students should know that if they attend your entire class  and do the homework (at least 12 
hours per week), they will PASS." 
-Alan Zirkelbach, President, America Building Corporation, Palmetto, FL BC Enrollee in KCC Contractors' License Exam Preparation Course

"Got it today (10-13-99) on my first try! Score on my general contractor  (CGC) test the 1st day was 93.75 (needs 70.0 to pass) and 2nd day morning  got 97.5 and 87.5 in afternoon session. Thanks 
Eric, I will stop by soon to  pickup my KCC license class certificate. YA-HOO!!! I'm a happy guy!" 
-Todd M. Smith, Superintendent, W.G. Mills Inc., Contractors, Sarasota, FL

"Thanks Eric for a great class! I received high scores 85.0, 95.0 and 100.0 the first time ('99) taking 
the state license exam. Mike Hull also passed his first time with 80.0 to 85.0 scores and also 
thanks you for the training. Our president, Derek Nelson, wants to take your next license course." 
 -Robert Veltri, VP Construction, M.Pete Mcnabb/Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Brad

" On behalf of the Institute of Professional Development, Open Campus, I want to thank you for 
teaching the Contractor's Exam Review. Although the class was small, the enclosed evaluation summary indicates it was very beneficial to the participants." 
- Joy Gorzeman,M.S.,Director, Manatee Community College, Bradenton,FL


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